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Life: 1

Continuous      endless
Structureless    blue sky.
Womb’s life
an all-conquering river.
Undesired rumours
Melt-fluid ganja
Humans are killer-machines

that lead to epidemic, the end.

Life: 2

Just a while back, I
was very far away from my own senses --
where exactly I was,
I do not remember.
A few moments from my life
merged with the wind with a mere blow
from my mouth.
Was I eating, walking, or was I
making love to a woman?

No, no, I remember nothing.
I cannot remember anything,
not even
my own lost time.

The Sculpture

From the mist’s dense cape
I carve your body’s shape --
gently sculpting, all morning.

With my eyes shut, I sit
amid the fog’s heavy sheets
as its frost settles
on my cheek, ear, and nose.
The same hands,
the same lips, the same eyes --
I find them with such ease --
Your torso floats on that river;
I shall conquer its flow.
Your figure blossoms, freeing itself,
leaving behind sun’s light
and fog’s ephemeral body.
You’re entwined with my soul --
its root, plinth, and depth.

Kill Me

Kill me with your dedicated heart.
Reduce me to smithereens through your act of sex.
Murder me with madman’s madness.
Burn me in your heart.
Kill me through your creativity.
Annihilate me with the wet-foam of sex.
Destroy me with your erogenous zones.
Tear me apart with your love.
Bite me bite my crotch.
Embrace me in my death’s ecstasy.

Heart’s Shore

You aren’t there,
what shall I do?

To Death,
To Life --
it is all
the same thing. 

When will I
and you
go to
the heart’s shore?

Float away,
day and night --
with you.

Leaves shed,
flowers bloom --
on heart’s shore.

For You

If you really want,
there is nothing
I can’t do for you?

I can die,
I can kill,
or I
can be saddened,
and walk
the endless paths forever.

If you really want,
there is nothing
I can’t do for you?

I can shave off my
beard and moustache,
even give up

If you really want,
there is nothing
I can’t do for you?

Stand up,
sit down,
in mid-day sun,

If you really want,
there is nothing
I can’t do for you?

Hai Hai

head                 ash
book                no                                where

bowl.                           am I?                hai hai
-fish song                             you?                 hai hai
you.                 dress                            you                  hai hai
bed                  you                              eat,                  hai hai
right.                watch                           eat                   hai hai
ditch                keep                             to heart’s         hai hai
water.              mortar-pestle   fullness,           hai hai
everything        like book,                    day-                 hai hai
agreed. torn                              long,                hai hai
                        umbrella.                     starch- hai hai
                                                            moon.  hai hai
                                                                                    hai hai

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