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LOVE : 1

A lot of difficulty
everything seems aimless
a waste of time.
Without understanding

without giving
my heart is stiff
even though, all is clear.

LOVE : 2

With eyes closed
I make a diamond-choice
My heart is blissful

Though everything is lost

LOVE : 3

You love me quietly,
why then the abruptness
            in you?

I am a lowly poet,
a picture without colour

LOVE : 4

nightmares       the
one                  days
can                   pass
live                  memories
reasonably.      fail to

LOVE : 5

My heart’s sky contains you,
A star beyond the galaxy
A lotus in the river

Emerging as a new woman.

LOVE : 6

Love flies away
flies, flies to touch you
After touching you, returns
            to my lips

But still it seems
some of it is given and some not.
Love still remains
in your heart.

LOVE : 7

For so long, I’ve been searching for you
in this alley and that lane
            The result, always negative

In a crowd seeking shelter from heavy rains
In a nest where a bird heats her hatchings
If I find you, my own piece of diamond
I shall return to my village
set up home with my beloved.
I shall work my heart out, and
there will remain no folds in my life.
Only you shall remain, my love

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